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Our Entertainment and Media Law Services

Film, Television, Digital Media, Publishing, Live Theatre & Gaming


  • Business and project financing plans

  • Incorporations and shareholder agreements

  • Copyright, trademark and other intellectual property review and advice

  • Literary, character, music, and other rights options and acquisitions

  • Life story options and acquisitions

  • Copyright reports and legal opinions

  • Copyright registrations (US and Canadian)

  • Writing services engagements (WGC, WGA or non-union)

  • Director and crew agreements (DGC, DGA or non-union)

  • Performer or host agreements (ACTRA, SAG-AFTRA, or non-union)

  • Broadcast license agreements

  • Production funding applications and agreements (Telefilm, CMF)

  • Production financing agreements (institutional and private, investments and loans)

  • Sponsorship and brand integration agreements

  • Stock footage licenses

  • Tax credit advice

  • Co-production and joint venture agreements (domestic and international)

  • Errors & omissions insurance application review and clearances

  • Rough cut legal review

  • Distribution and sales agency agreements

  • Music sync and master use licenses

  • Composer and music production agreements

  • Apps, digital media, gaming, and website agreements

  • Dispute resolution (industry expert advice for mediation, arbitration and litigation support)

Please note that this law practice is now restricted to legal consultancy.  Tony Duarte provides legal services to other lawyers or to policy and planning executives in the private, government, or not-for-profit sectors.  The firm is not currently accepting clients for legal services that relate to only a single production or single business transaction.

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