Our Entertainment and Media Law Services

Film, Television, Digital Media, Publishing, Live Theatre & Gaming


  • Business and project financing plans

  • Incorporations and shareholder agreements

  • Copyright, trademark and other intellectual property review and advice

  • Literary, character, music, and other rights options and acquisitions

  • Life story options and acquisitions

  • Copyright reports and legal opinions

  • Copyright registrations (US and Canadian)

  • Writing services engagements (WGC, WGA or non-union)

  • Director and crew agreements (DGC, DGA or non-union)

  • Performer or host agreements (ACTRA, SAG-AFTRA, or non-union)

  • Broadcast license agreements

  • Production funding applications and agreements (Telefilm, CMF)

  • Production financing agreements (institutional and private, investments and loans)

  • Sponsorship and brand integration agreements

  • Stock footage licenses

  • Tax credit advice

  • Co-production and joint venture agreements (domestic and international)

  • Errors & omissions insurance application review and clearances

  • Rough cut legal review

  • Distribution and sales agency agreements

  • Music sync and master use licenses

  • Composer and music production agreements

  • Apps, digital media, gaming, and website agreements

  • Dispute resolution (industry expert advice for mediation, arbitration and litigation support)  

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