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"We are very happy for the positive result of our court hearing, it was really a surprise gift we received... Thank you very much for your help and effort. God bless you."


- Correspondence from H.C + E.C., former clients, February 2011



"I would like to recommend to you the legal services of Belva Spiel. She has done many of our refugee claims and from a wide variety of country conditions. She is competent, careful and goes the extra mile for her client. I often tell our interns that she is the lawyer they should watch if they really want to see how the refugee determination process should work."


- Correspondence from Mary Jo Leddy, Executive Director of Romero House  July 9,  2004)



"I'm so glad to write this letter to you. I feel relieved and free from everything. You can't imagine how much I appreciate your help and your warm heart. When I was in hard time, most people said 'no' about my case, but you are the only one who said, 'yes, it's possible'... You tried to give me hope and in the long run, you succeeded in it."



- Correspondence from J.J., former client, December 2004


"... thank you for the remarkable job you have done for E. and her family."


- Correspondence from a client's relative, March 1997

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